Lesson 12 - Everyday life


THE LAST 11 SLIDES ARE DEMONSTRATED - THERE ARE 19 IN This lesson is on Everyday Life in ancient Rome and includes the following activities:

  • differentiation worksheet on How did beliefs, values and practices influence ancient Roman Society?
  • Word definitions: deity, paterfamilias, toga, auxiliaries
  • scaffolded summary shown on powerpoint 
  • Comparison table: Difference between boys and girls education
  • Men and Womens fashion activity 
  • Word bank 


Text Reference Oxford Big Ideas Humanities and social sciences 7

Big Ideas Text page 300-301  – religious beliefs Ancient Rome Lifestyles- every day life – Big Ideas page 302 

education and the difference between boys and girls- read page 303

Men and Womens fashion-  page 303

The power point will be sent via email.

Although a text is referenced here, if you do not have the text you can use your preferred text and edit the pages of text work slides.