As an introduction to Civics students examine the Australian National Anthem and the Australian Flag. Students read the information on how the Australian flag was designed and then students create their own flag. 

Workbook Activities are:

  • Comprehension worksheets in workbook - Federation : The Australian Flag
  • A Flag for a New Nation - flag competition

This workbook compliments Lesson 2 with activivities for students to complete.

The activities include the following:

  • Role Play called Cheyene Hunting Law - to introduce the idea that no matter what culture they have laws.
  • Where did our Laws come from? - A worksheet explaining Greece, Rome and Babylonian laws and more recently Australian laws
  • Press conference activity - Law and Government - Students are given senarios from the Babylonian kingdom to solve
  • Magna Carta information sheet
  • Magna Carta Activity - cartoon speech bubble, and questions sheet
  • Information on the History of the Magna Carta and questions

This workbook compliments the Lesson 3 on Australia's Parliament.

Included in this workbook is:

  • Worksheet Birth of a Nation - reading comprehension

  • Worksheet The National Capital - reading comprehension

This workbook offers two worksheet with reading comprehension.

  • The Sydney Morning Herald activity
  • Federation changes

This workbook has information, activities and questions on the three levels of government.

This workbook can be used with lesson 7 How Australia's government works.

It includes the following:

  • Reading on the Separation of Powers, The legislative arm, The executive arm, The judicial arm, Why do we have a separation of powers? Questions
  • The Role of the Monarchy worksheet with questions
  • Worksheet on Parliament - The house of Representatives, The senate, with questions
  • Parliament House with questions
  • The house of Representatives diagram activity
  • Three Levels of Government activity and questions

This workbook on the Australian Constitution contains:

Our Constitution - activity sheet

Reading comprehension sheets on the Westminster system of government

This workbook covers a large amount of information on the Australian government. The following is included:

  • The separation of powers information page
  • The executive and judicial arm information page
  • The role of the Monarchy - reading comprehension worksheet
  • Parliament - reading comprehension worksheet
  • Parliament house - reading comprehension worksheet
  • The house of representives map of seating gallery activity
  • Three Levels of government - pictorial and written information with comprehension questions
  • Three levels of government and their responsibilities pictorial map
  • Comprehension questions on the responsibilities pictorial map
  • The Constitution - information sheets - with questions on the information

This workbook contains the following:

  • The Australian Constituion - alteration process diagram
  • Diagram showing the Australian Constitution Referendum - double majority
  • Background information on Eddie Mabo
  • Newspaper report on the Eddie Mabo story - scaffold for students

This workbook covers the different roles of the House of Representatives and the Senate in Australia's bicameral parliament.

  • The passage of a Bill - information sheet - with flow chart activity
  • Activity - Creating New Laws 
  • Activity - cut and paste the oder of making a law

This is a large workbook - which covers Australia's legal system and its justice, rule of law, presumption of innocence, burden of proof, right to a fair trial and right to legal representation.

The worksheets are as follows:

  • The court information sheet
  • The courts activity dispute/court
  • The jury research diagram
  • Pick a court activity sheet
  • Court personnel -covers lawyers, barristers, Queens counsel, Attorney General, Solicitor general, Crown Prosecutor, Judge, Magistrate, Jury, Court Officer - roles of these
  • Activity on roles
  • Courtroom scene activity - diagram placing each person
  • Word Cloze activity on People who work in courts
  • Matching activity on personel who work in courts
  • One sentence answers on court terms
  • Which Court activity - senario then student decides which court
  • Word Cloze on Courts interpreting the law and settling disputes
  • classification of crime to which court
  • Legal scrabbled words
  • Where would the case be heard activity
  • Blank box to draw a diagram of a court room
  • Jumbled words on legal terms
  • Comprehension activity on How Laws are Made
  • Legal word - find the word