The important features of the Modern World 1750-1918.

This workbook contains the following:

  • information sheet on The Modern World and Australia
  • scaffold for above information sheet summary
  • Instruction sheet on how to create a timeline
  • time line organiser to help students identify important dates
  • blank timeline activity sheet
  • Important dates and events for the timeline
  • How do we know? information sheet on the world from 1750-1918
  • stem sentences for questions on the above sheet


This is a small workbook with the explanation of imperial expansion: economic, political, religious and ideological.

It has several sources to analyse to confirm the learning of imperialism motives.

This workbook has information on new growth and the growth of coalmining, and transformation of the textile industry.

There are some sources for source analysis by students is possible and there is a graphic organiser to identify technologiy inventors and groups of people in cotton production.

This workbook gives the students information on the factors that led to the Industrial Revolution and includes : developments in Agriculture, developments in power and transport, and a proforma for students in the form of a timeline to briefly describe each factor.

There is a pictorial timeline for students to cut and put in order.

There is a map showing all the coal fields in the United Kingdom.

Information on the Agricultural Revolution, with a picture of type of new inventions and questions to answer.


This workbook contains the following:

  • working conditions during IR - summary by students
  • Electric telegraph linking the world - information
  • Map of coal mines with questions to answer about the map
  • Brick wall activity with reasons Britain was the centre of the IR
  • Information sheet on Population growth in Britain during the IR
  • Graph construction on Population growth
  • Information on slavery with questions and source work
  • The middle passage and map students identify the different stages of the slave passage
  • Slave in formation and abolition of slave trade with questions
  • colour coding a map of the triangular slave trade to be completed by students
  • word cloze - early finisher - salve trade
  • transportation to Australia with questions
  • Irish migrants to USA with questions
  • Identifying push pull factors of the Irish migration to USA
  • Cause and effect table for students to complete on Factors that affected the movement of people from 1750-1918

This is a large workbook and goes with Lesson 9 Conditions in factories.

In covers the following: 

  • Conditions in factories and mines, inside a textile factory- this information has a small table for students to find the negatives of working in factories
  • Poor Laws and Workhouses - information sheet and source photographs with questions
  • Life in the workhouse and imposition of strict rules - with questions
  • Source work on working conditions - photo of small girl used in lesson 9
  • Several more pages of source work with scaffold for students
  • Research proforma on short and long term effects of the industrial revolution
  • Worst Jobs in History - question sheet