This workbook covers a number of lessons for Year 10 Economics.

Below is a list of contents of the workbook:

  • Economic skills - resources - categorising table
  • Circular Flow Diagram
  • Questions for group work on being a consumer
  • Cause and effect activity on unemployment
  • Student activity instructions on communication
  • GDP graph - students analysis worksheet
  • Inflation - senarios for students to assess
  • Graph on inflation with questions
  • Student activity chart on economic and social consequences of unemployment
  • Graph of the labour Market in Australia since 1996 - questions for students
  • Australia's economic score card students estimate the scorecard for GDP, Inflation and Unemplyment rate
  • Statistics activity - different countries - different GDP's
  • Worksheet on Measuring growth in the Australian Economy
  • Worksheet on Measuring price changes in the Australian Economy
  • Worksheet on Measuring participation in the Australian economy - unemployment rate
  • word cloze

Please note that a small number of these worksheets are linked to the text book Oxford Big Ideas 10 text.

This workbook is about the economic performance and the links to living standards.

Below is the contents of this workbook:

  • Productivity in business
  • Mining and productivity - advantages and disadvantages (A dirty business" film)
  • worksheet on How Australia's economic performance is meansured
  • Scaffolded information sheet on OECD better life Index
  • Chart for students to fill with statistics from OECD information
  • Material and non material living standards chart for students to fill.
  • Quote to make comment on
  • Worksheet on Factors that affect a country's living standard
  • Video sheet on "Why there are rich countries and poor countries"
  • Extract from Behind the News ABC Australia - poverty
  • Questions on extract for students
  • Question sheet on the DVD Affluenza (ordinary people slipping into poverty because of debt)

This workbook covers the distribution of income and wealth in the economy and the way in which governments can redistribute income.

The contents of this workbook are as follows:

  • Source work brainstorm diagram on redistribution of money by the government
  • Thumbnail copies of the powerpoint Budgetary Policy for students to summariseW
  • Worksheet on Different types of policies with questions
  • Worksheet on Governments managing living standards
  • Cartoonist worksheet activity - externalities

Please note that 4 worksheets use the Oxford Big Ideas 10 text as a source for activities.


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