There are 24 slides in this lesson. A small sample of slides is shown. To see a full lesson see lesson 1.

This lesson introduces the students to art about insects.

By the end of this lesson, students will have observed how to sketch. Students will then go to the library and choose a book of an insect and then sketch one that they like.

The outline of the lesson is below:

  • Observation of drawing techniques i.e. line and shading to suggest form, repetitive mark making, cross hatching
  • mapping out the shape and scale of their drawing in relation to the page
  • the stages of a drawing such as starting with large overall shapes through to adding fine detail.
  • Practice insect example in class
  • Library visit to find sources of insects
  • Photographs/pictures of insects

There are 17 slides in this lesson. To see a full lesson view Lesson 1. This lesson has a small sample of slides.

In this lesson students view some of the work of Raku Inove. 

They then experiment with different mediums themselves.

Outline of the lesson:

  • Introduction of the work of Raku Inove.
  • focus questions and with reference to a variety of images.
  • Learning activity - Create a Raku Inoue inspired insect collage from magazine images.



There are 28 slides in this lesson.

In this lesson students start to explore different ways of creating insect sculptures.

Practice activities in pipe cleaners, wire, and alfoil are taught with video tutorials. Students create their sculpture art work.

Students are given the option to choose their own medium which they can complete at home. 

Outline of lesson is below:

  • Students work their way through a number of you tube clips, and make wire, pipe cleaner and alfoil to make their own insects
  • Students are given the option to find resources at home if you are keen to do an individual particular production.
  • Students also may have their own idea of how to construct an insect.

There are 16 slides in this lesson.

This lesson introduces the student to examples of portraits and then student complete a colour wheel.

The outline of the lesson is below:

  1. Definition of portraiture
  2. A number of examples of portraits throughout history
  3. Definition of historical portraiture
  4. Clip on the History of Protraits
  5. Visual diary entry on Portraits
  6. Vocabulary for colour wheel
  7. Colour wheel project
  8. Plenary

There are 12 slides in this lesson.

Students create two types of portrait of themselves. Silhouette, and split face.

The outline of the lesson is below:

  1. Split face
  2. Profile silhouettes

There are 9 slides in this lesson.

Students create a self portrait collage.

  • Students draw a map of the face using the side photo as an outline.
  • Using key features of the face cut from the magazine sources, they reassemble a variety of parts to create a self- portrait.

There are 49 slides in this lesson introducing three art techniques, surrealism, symbolism and figures

The purpose of this presentation is to use images to demonstrate compositional ideas and introduce styles for you to use in your final designs

The outline of the lesson is below:

  1. Title
  2. Syllabus statement
  3. WALT
  4. WILF
  5. Lesson importance
  6. Assessment
  7. Lesson Review
  8. Surrealism
  9. Examples of surrealism
  10. Symbolism
  11. several slides showing symbolism
  12. Figures
  13. Several slides showing figures
  14. Perspective activity
  15. Definition of perspective
  16. Linear perspective
  17. example of linear perspective
  18. Two vanishing points
  19. Two vanishing point examples
  20. One point perspective practice
  21. Tutorial on perspective
  22. Drawing a city with perspective 
  23. Tutorial
  24. Aerial perspective
  25. Examples of aerial perspective
  26. Practice artwork
  27. Examples of street scenes using perspective
  28. Plenary

There are 43 slides in this lesson.


  • By the end of this lesson, students will have viewed and read information about the artist Dianne Jones.
  • Content of the lesson is below:
  • Background information on the artist Dianne Jones
  • Examples of the artists work
  • Examples of Tom Roberts art 'Shearing the Rams'
  • Information on the painting 'Shearing the Rams'
  • Information and questions on the artist Tom Roberts
  • Notemaking of a video by Dianne Jones
  • STICI analysis 
  • Activities on Dianne Jones artwork