This workbook has the following:

  • Photos of products for linking to economics (same as lesson one powerpoint)
  • Mind map diagram for brainstorm on economic terms
  • Test your knowledge true/false - previous knowledge quick test
  • Quote interpretations on economic quotes
  • Graph work on analysing - Jades make up services
  • Terminology - communication - word cloze
  • supply and demand table - strawberries
  • brainstorm consumer goods
  • VENN diagram activity
  • Blank Web map - Blank VENN diagram 
  • Worksheet - What does my country need? activity
  • Take home activity - shopping docket I am a consumer
  • Goods and services worksheet

This workbook has the following:

  • A scaffolded worksheet on 3 types of resources, natural, human and capital
  • Resources activity sheet - student categorise resources 
  • Sams Soccer Ball Factory - activity - picturegram
  • Opportunity cost - activity on shopping
  • matching activity on scarcity
  • supply and demand worksheet
  • information sheet on supply and demand
  • Take home activity on brand names
  • Affluenza question sheet for the film Affluenza
  • KWL chart on advertising
  • Y chart on advertisments - funniest
  • Thnk/pair/share activity - advertising
  • Magazine advertising - scaffold for students
  • Take home advertising - tv commercials

This workbook contains the following scaffolded activities:

  • KWL chart advertising
  • Definition scaffold 
  • Brands list
  • Y chart for you tube clip advertising
  • Think/pair/share - advertising
  • Guessing game scaffold
  • Magazine proforma - research sheet
  • Take home activity - Television commercials

The workbook contains the following:

  • Brainstorm page - using the powerpoint characteristics of an entrepreneur
  • Talents of the rich and famous activity sheet - examining successful people eg Madonna
  • Planning by entrepreneur worksheet - brainstorm
  • Photos of famous entrepreneurs - students identify them
  • Answer sheet on famous entrepreneurs

This workbook contains the following:

  • Student worksheet - The best job in the world
  • Identifying different industries for jobs worksheet
  • picture actvitiy - which industry
  • Information sheet and questions on Which Job Which skills
  • Identifying requirements for a job adverisement worksheet
  • Know yourself questionaire - what job suits you
  • identifying different categories of work- cartoon activity
  • What job do I want - research scaffold for students ideal job

There are 21 sheets in this workbook.


This workbook has the following on the Sharemarket.

  • An information sheet on the sharemarket with questions
  • Senario - Predict the outcome table
  • Portfolio scaffold for students to create their own sharemarket portfolio

There are six pages in this workbook

This workbook has the following content:

  • Retirement word cloze for Big Ideas text
  • Retirement table - pros and cons of working longer
  • Question sheet on older workers