This workbook has 12 pages.


  • Introduction to economics - product photos
  • scaffolded brainstorm activity
  • Test your knowledge true and false activity
  • graph squares
  • Graph activity on a small business
  • Supply and demand information sheet with questions
  • supply and demand table analysis
  • supply and demand senario questions
  • Buyers and sellers, factors of production information sheet with questions
  • resources table
  • resources activity sheet
  • allocation of resources - factors of production
  • the soccer ball game
  • The opportunity cost game
  • The scarcity matching activity

This workbook covers a number of lesson and has the following content worksheets.

  1. Different types of markets - question sheet
  2. consumer and producers - question sheet
  3. blank diagram of the circular flow for students to use
  4. catagorising markets table worksheet
  5. Labour market information sheet with questions
  6. Stock market information sheet with questions
  7. The financial sector information sheet with questions
  8. The overseas sector information sheet with questions
  9. The government sectory information sheet with questions
  10. T shirt outline for stop the sweat shops activity - wages
  11. Case student information sheet on the banana market in Australia
  12. Cyclone information sheet - effect on banana prices 
  13. Drawn outline of a bunch of bananas for the natural disaster for bananas poster
  14. Consumer and producers worksheet

This workbook has the following worksheets:

  1. Consumer law in Australia - senario activity
  2. Legal protection of consumer rights - information sheet with a summary table scaffolded for students
  3. Treating consumers fairly -summary sheet
  4. When the lase is broken information sheet and questions
  5. Business competition protects consumers information sheet
  6. Summarising scaffold for student summary
  7. The role of the ACCC information sheet and questions
  8. What do the government regulators do? information sheet with summary scaffold.

This workbook contains the following:

  1. Spot the business mistake senarios
  2. Website address and information sheet for the audio interview of two Byron Bay sisters Elizabeth Abegg and Isabella Pennefather talk about their fashion model
  3. Worksheet on responsible business's
  4. Table scaffold for activity on socially reponsible solutions of business
  5. Workers of the world
  6. Sweat shops 
  7. Mini research scaffolded sheet on Telstra Australian Business Awards
  8. The future of work scaffolded table for source work
  1. Class discussion sheet with questions to consider
  2. Quote interpretation - ALbert Einstein
  3. The future of work - scaffolded table for student activity