This workbook has the following contents:

  • Weighing up where to live worksheet - Sarah and Tom Senario
  • Types of landscapes - cultural/natural diagram worksheet
  • Sample line drawing of a photo landscape
  • Information sheet on how to create a photo sketch


This workbook contains the following content:

  • Identifying types of photos worksheet
  • Information on drawing a sketch
  • Activities on photographic sketches

The contents of the workbook are as follows:

  • Where Australians Live – Population – worksheet
  • Workbook - Australian population density map
  • Worksheet on the last 100 years in Australia-practice paragraphs
  • Arrivals in the last 100 years - questions
  • Agree/disagree activity on Population
  • Worksheet on rural remoteness
  • Information sheet on Urban, rural and remote places with activities and question

This workbook is called The influence of environmental qualityon the livability of places

The contents of this workbook are:

  • Ouline picture of a Koala for student poster activity - habitat loss of Koalas due to housing
  • Worksheet on Environmental quality and liveabiltiy - the positive and negative

Place and Livability

The influence of accessibility to services and facilities on the livability of places.

This workbook has activies, information sheets and mapping.

The content is as follows:

  • Information sheet on Sense of Place - characteristics of a place
  • Information sheet with scaffolded summary sheet on communities and neighbourhoods
  • Photo sketch - Flinders rangers (rural area)
  • Choosing to live in Australia - information and poster activity