Ancient Civilisations

This workbook has several activities:

  • scaffold table - ancient civilisations timeline
  • world map flow chart - human movement
  • time line of ancient civilisations
  • Practice timeline on roman history
  • information on the ancient civilisation Sumer
  • notemaking scaffold for information sheet Sumer
  • picturgram map of Sumer civilisation
  • worksheet on understanding centuries

(7 pages in this workbook)

Lesson 3 Case Study on the ancient culture The Sumarians.

The workbook on Summarians investigates their lifestyle, invention of writing, agriculture technology, primary sources and information about all facets of the culture.

Skills covered are: 

  • map reading
  • summarising scaffold 
  • Timeline analysis
  • identifying primary sources by answering questions

The workbook on Pompeii has 4 stories from the day that the volcano erupted. It has maps, sources, examples of non literary sources and literary sources, source analysis, flow diagram to organise Mount Vesuvius eruption,diagram on how archaeologists conserved bodies found,and a reading comprehension exercise on the Destruction of Pompeii.

There are 14 sheets to this package/workbook.

This workbook is a study of the physical attributes of the Roman Settlement. 

Skills covered are:

  • Mapping
  • differentiation worksheets
  • worksheet on geographic terms
  • word bank
  • word cloze
  • questions
  • thinking exercise on the best place for a settlement
  • atlas work

Please note that the text book used in this lesson is Oxford big ideas Humanities and social sciences year 7

Any atlas would be suitable.

Workbooks are sent by post.


This workbook has worksheets on The Foundations of Rome – and in particular the Legend of Romulus and Remus.

It includes the following worksheets:

  • comprehension sheet Mapping exercise
  • “The legend of Romulus and Remus
  •  Reading and activities including the making of a story board
  • Reading comprehension and crossword puzzle

There is a lesson that goes with this workbook  - Lesson 9 Romulus and Remus

—Oxford Big IDEAS Year 7  PAGE 344  has an example of – HISTORICAL STORYBOARD

The workbook has worksheets on the following:

  • Worksheet I workbook
  • Worksheet Other Key Groups I Roman Society
  • SLAVE WORKSHEETS – in workbook pages 23 onwards


The Oxford Big Ideas 7 text is used for this lesson and the following pages are referenced:

Key groups I Roman Society reference 346-347 Big Ideas – Worksheet Other Key Groups I Roman Society ref Big Ideas text 346 – 347   

Text is not essential for the lesson.


This Workbook is on Roman entertainment-Gladiators.

There are 5 worksheets on Gladiators leading into making the poster.




This workbook has worksheets which include:

  • work cloze on everyday life
  • Table of Similarities and differences between fashion and grooming compared to today
  • Reading worksheet on Roman Women with a crossword puzzle 

This Workbook contains: 

  • information worksheet with illustrations on Roman Homes
  • Students read information on the houses and complete reading comprehension

This workbook has the following:

  • Worksheet on Roman Life and Public Baths
  • Activity - table on similarities and differences between modern swimming pools and public baths of ancient Rome.



This workbook support students in their writing of a recount about the famous slave Spartacus who rebelled against the Roman army.

Included in this workbook are:

  • information sheet - slave - sparacus - questions on sheet
  • a web map for students to create a brainstorm about what they must find out for the recount
  • scaffolded pages on paragraphs and bibliography
  • Assessment sheet on recount
  • marking key on recount
  • reseaarch scaffolded pages
  • information sheets from the internet