Democratic Rights

This package is an overview of the construction of the Australian political system and has the following worksheets:

  • Combining the Colonies - Federation
  • Three Levels of Government
  • local government
  • local council - facilities and services
  • local council business
  • state government departments
  • state government - making laws
  • state government
  • state government - Officers of Parliament
  • state government - elections
  • Federal ParliamentWho"s Who and Who"s Where in the Chamber
  • Parliament House
  • Federal Government
  • crossword political institutions

This workbook is for Year 9 Civics and covers how citizens choices are shaped at election time by the media.

  • KWL questions on What factors inflence Australia's political system
  • URL video clip on the history of political advertising
  • Social media group questions KWL
  • weblink URL - How social media wins votes
  • Ted Talk questions - Chris Raine - social media and the election
  • Australian Politial Parties- reading comprehension
  • Australian Labor Party /Greens- history 
  • Liberal Part of Australia - history, National party history
  • Research proforma to research Paries or use history worksheets
  • Federal election information sheet- with questions
  • Political Party information sheet -with questions
  • Stages in an election cartoon activity
  • Voting systems - information sheet
  • Proportional Representation system - information sheet with questions
  • Referendum information sheet with questions
  • Word cloze
  • Worksheet - Living in a democracy
  • Essay sheet - for film Ghandi (topic fight for freedom)

This workbook has scaffolded infomation sheets and questions on the types of media used in elections.

  • question sheet on the Ted talk Chris Raine
  • influencing your vote: public debate,newspapers,radio,newspapers, advertising, interest groups
  • differentiation sheet on What shapes our decisions at election time
  • activity - A day in the life of a weary voter

This workbook is full of activities for students to complete on which courts cases are heard. It also includes the following:

  • warm up Legal quiz
  • help chart for criminal and civil law - helps with the folowing activities
  • example cases - students identify criminal or civil case
  • Table on legal and non legal rules for students to identify
  • question sheet on The Court Hierarchy and their functions
  • Senario sheet with which court table for students
  • Responsibilities of making laws table
  • information flow chart for students on Preceedings in a Magistrates Court Criminal trial
  • matching exercise on court personnel
  • court identification sheet

This workbook is about how courts apply and interpret the law.

  • Example of the Development of Court Made Law - Negligence
  • case study Langridge v Levy (1837) - the exploding gun
  • case study George v Skivington (1896) Negligently manufactured hair-wash
  • Case Study - Donoghue v Stevenson (1932) The snail in the bottle (duty of care created)
  • How did Australia get the Law of Negligence?
  • case study Grant v Australian Knitting Mills (1936)

This workbook is about factors that can undermine the applicaation of the principle of justice - trial by media, - the case study is the Azaria Chamberlain case.

  • information sheet on the background of the case, ie rumours
  • Cartoons published in newpapers at the time - students make comment on each one
  • Chequebook Journalism - background information on the case
  • Question sheet on the information on chequebook jounalism
  • Summary sheet on the case