The following is the contents of this workbook:

  • Information worksheet on the Inter-War years
  • Overview scaffold sheet to summarise the information sheet above
  • The roaring twenties word cloze
  • Source scaffold sheet
  • Slang of the 1920's fun quiz
  • The Roaring 20's summary sheet for chapter in Big Ideas 10
  • The Treaty of Versailles information sheet
  • A number of cartoons from the second world war
  • A source analysis sheet on the above cartoon sources

Information sheet on Australia and the war in the pacific with questions

  • Japanese in Sydney Harbour information sheet for student activity - news report
  • Information sheets on the Kokoda trail with questions
  • Letter from the front - Kokoda with questions
  • Kokoda trail poem - with questions
  • Prisoners of war information sheet - scaffolded summary sheet to summarise POW
  • Analysis of Photographs Prisoners of war
  • Significant Leaders = Warlords - Qulaties of a leader activity
  • Questions for film fireside talks - Franklin D Roosevelt
  • Activity - reasons for Germany's retreat
  • Battle of Britain source activities 
  • Warlord questions for Warlords film


Below is the contents of this workbook:

  • Student activity on Government recruitment for war
  • Activity on censorship and propaganda
  • Activity on The growth of Commonwealth power
  • Activity on Influences on enlistment
  • Information sheet on Australian women during WW2
  • Source work on jobs for women in WW2


The following content are in the workbook:

  • Power point summary sheet of the Holocaust to be used for student notes
  • Brief outline of Germany's rise to war
  • Y chart for the you tube clip on the Hollocaust
  • Sample Cornell note taking sheet for students to use on the Hollocaust
  • Essay map to explain essays to students
  • Activity - Warsaw Ghetto - activity
  • 4 W's and H sheet for summarising the Atomic bombing of Japan
  • Activity scaffold sheet for the Japanese surrender

The workbook has the following content:

  • The world after WW2 - information sheet with questions
  • Power point summary shet 4 W's and H summary sheet - The Declaration of Human Rights
  • Paragraph scaffold on the Declaration of Human Rights 
  • Activity sheet o Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The contents of this workbook are:

  • Source work on AO Neville - Chief Protector of Aborigines WA
  • Souce work - photos - Powerful messages activity
  • Information sheet - The stolen generation and the Bringing them Home report - with summary sheet
  • Binging them Home extract - Jennifers story
  • Listening activity - Sorry Speech by Kevin Rudd - Apology