This workbook covers lessons 1-5 on World War One.

The following can be found in the workbook: 

  • Activity Sheet - imperialism 
  • The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
  • Alliances worksheet 
  • Colour key Map - student activity - triple alliance/ triple entente
  • summarising alliances with key words
  • the need for alliances and The triple Entente - information sheet
  • Militarism information sheet
  • table activity on militarism
  • Summarising Nationalism
  • Imperialism information sheet with questions
  • Crime scene report
  • viewpoints on WW1
  • copy of powerpoint on propaganda in thumbnails to make notes
  • speech by Andrew Fisher - Prime Minister of Australia
  • Activity sheet on recruitment
  • Activity sheet on emotions
  • Several pages of propaganda sources for students to analyse

This workbook from Lesson 6-9 - Gallipoli, Western Front, Trenches, and Technology.

The worksheets in this workbook are as follows:

  • Information and map of the Gallipoli campaign
  • Biographies of Anzacs - stories student analysis 
  • VENN diagram - comparing biographies
  • Australian perspectives at Gallipoli
  • Analysing sources sheet - Australians perspective
  • Analysing sources sheet - Turkish perspective
  • Western Front powerpoint thumbnails for students to make notes
  • The Western Front word cloze 
  • Resource sheet - Anzacs on the Western Front
  • Trenches powerpoint thumbnails for students to make notes
  • Resource sheet - Fighting on the frontline - Life in the trenches
  • A soldiers report 
  • Technology powerpoint thumbnails for student to make notes
  • Resource sheet - fighting on the frontline - Technology in war
  • Activity - war poetry - recording war experiences
  • Finding meaning of words from the poem
  • Journal entries - recording war experiences

This workbook covers the role of women in WW1 and commemoration of the War.

The following is in the package:

  • Resource sheet women and the war effort
  • powerpoint thumbnails on Commemoration - students find key words
  • Source activities on commemoration
  • debate worksheet on rememberance