Workbooks do not start until Lesson 18 for Year 8 Civics. All the powerpoint lessons up to Lesson 18 are stand alone.

This workbook has scaffolded worksheets on the following Media types during an election. The worksheets have brief descriptions of the topics below and are heavily scaffolded by underlining the answers to the qustions for students and there is a space for students to write their answer. This workbook is not essential for the lesson.

  • Opinion Polls
  • Leader - TV Debates
  • Advertising
  • TV News
  • Advertising
  • Interest Groups
  • Interest Groups
  • The worksheets are paper and will be mailed.

This workbook is not essential to lesson 20 but it does have some activities in it for students.


  • cartoon activity identifying criminal or civil law
  • Student worksheet on civil law- diagram and questions
  • Information sheets and activities on Customary Law