Workbook Year 10 Economics Workbook 1 - Indicators of economic performance


This workbook covers a number of lessons for Year 10 Economics.

Below is a list of contents of the workbook:

  • Economic skills - resources - categorising table
  • Circular Flow Diagram
  • Questions for group work on being a consumer
  • Cause and effect activity on unemployment
  • Student activity instructions on communication
  • GDP graph - students analysis worksheet
  • Inflation - senarios for students to assess
  • Graph on inflation with questions
  • Student activity chart on economic and social consequences of unemployment
  • Graph of the labour Market in Australia since 1996 - questions for students
  • Australia's economic score card students estimate the scorecard for GDP, Inflation and Unemplyment rate
  • Statistics activity - different countries - different GDP's
  • Worksheet on Measuring growth in the Australian Economy
  • Worksheet on Measuring price changes in the Australian Economy
  • Worksheet on Measuring participation in the Australian economy - unemployment rate
  • word cloze

Please note that a small number of these worksheets are linked to the text book Oxford Big Ideas 10 text.