Workbook Year 10 Economic - Workbook 2 - economic performance and living standards


This workbook is about the economic performance and the links to living standards.

Below is the contents of this workbook:

  • Productivity in business
  • Mining and productivity - advantages and disadvantages (A dirty business" film)
  • worksheet on How Australia's economic performance is meansured
  • Scaffolded information sheet on OECD better life Index
  • Chart for students to fill with statistics from OECD information
  • Material and non material living standards chart for students to fill.
  • Quote to make comment on
  • Worksheet on Factors that affect a country's living standard
  • Video sheet on "Why there are rich countries and poor countries"
  • Extract from Behind the News ABC Australia - poverty
  • Questions on extract for students
  • Question sheet on the DVD Affluenza (ordinary people slipping into poverty because of debt)