Workbook 5 - Year 9 IR - Movement of People - convicts, Irish potato famine and slavery


This workbook contains the following:

  • working conditions during IR - summary by students
  • Electric telegraph linking the world - information
  • Map of coal mines with questions to answer about the map
  • Brick wall activity with reasons Britain was the centre of the IR
  • Information sheet on Population growth in Britain during the IR
  • Graph construction on Population growth
  • Information on slavery with questions and source work
  • The middle passage and map students identify the different stages of the slave passage
  • Slave in formation and abolition of slave trade with questions
  • colour coding a map of the triangular slave trade to be completed by students
  • word cloze - early finisher - salve trade
  • transportation to Australia with questions
  • Irish migrants to USA with questions
  • Identifying push pull factors of the Irish migration to USA
  • Cause and effect table for students to complete on Factors that affected the movement of people from 1750-1918