Workbook - year 7 - civics - Australia's Legal system


This is a large workbook - which covers Australia's legal system and its justice, rule of law, presumption of innocence, burden of proof, right to a fair trial and right to legal representation.

The worksheets are as follows:

  • The court information sheet
  • The courts activity dispute/court
  • The jury research diagram
  • Pick a court activity sheet
  • Court personnel -covers lawyers, barristers, Queens counsel, Attorney General, Solicitor general, Crown Prosecutor, Judge, Magistrate, Jury, Court Officer - roles of these
  • Activity on roles
  • Courtroom scene activity - diagram placing each person
  • Word Cloze activity on People who work in courts
  • Matching activity on personel who work in courts
  • One sentence answers on court terms
  • Which Court activity - senario then student decides which court
  • Word Cloze on Courts interpreting the law and settling disputes
  • classification of crime to which court
  • Legal scrabbled words
  • Where would the case be heard activity
  • Blank box to draw a diagram of a court room
  • Jumbled words on legal terms
  • Comprehension activity on How Laws are Made
  • Legal word - find the word