Year 8 History - Medieval England - Early Civilisations



This is Lesson one of Year 8 History - Medieval England.

For the first lesson the whole lesson will be demonstrated. After the first lesson only small samples will be given.

There are 55 slides in this lesson.

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This lesson is about the early civilisations before the medieval period.

  • Definitions of the meaning of the key terms: religious, political, Christianity, Crusades and trade.
  • Reading : Oxford Big Ideas year 8: page 206-207
  • Pair work: How did societies in medieval Europe change?
  • Oxford Big Ideas year 8: Page 208-209
  • Vandals, Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Vikings, franks, angles and Saxons Huns, Arab tribes.
  • Each pair will give a brief presentation to the class
  • Power point of other societies during the medieval period

Please note - because the power point can be edited you can use  your own class text for the reading and information.