Lesson 3 - Industrial Revolution - Year 9 - Imperialism


This lesson will only have sample slides - they are random samples of 5 slides in this power point.

There are 35 slides in this lesson.

This lesson explains Imperialism which is linked to the Industrial Revolution. Students are exlained the concept of Imperialism and then some source work on various imperial photos. Reading suggestion is in the Big Ideas Humanities text - Year 9.

This reading is not essential to this lesson.

Source photos are available in the workbook on Imperialism.

Film will be embedded in the USB.

Included in this lesson is the following: 

  • 1. Power point- on Imperialism
  • 2. U tube clip on Imperialism
  • 3. Oxford Big Ideas pages 248-249- reading
  • 4. Source work
  • Activity – Source work The Effects of British colonialism

Please note that any text can be used for this lesson as all slides can be edited.