Lesson 4 - Year 9 Industrial Revolution - textiles from home to factory


This lesson has sample slides shown - they are the first 4 slides in this power point. There are 15 slides.

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This lesson explains the reason for the introduction of factories- it includes topics such as : new technologies and the transformation of the textile industry.

The following activities are in the lesson:

  • Workbook: Information Worksheet transformation of the textile industry.(at the bottom of this page.)
  • Questions in table on this worksheet in workbook page 55 Activity 2.5 question 1 (available in webshop to purchase)
  • Read pages 250 – 251 Oxford Big Ideas 9
  • Page 55 Work book – Graphic Organiser – Technologies linked to cotton production (at bottom of the page)

Although the Big Ideas Year 9 Humanities and Social Science text is part of the activities - any textbook on this topic would have information and sources you could access.

There is a workbook available for the lesson - in the resources section of the webshop.