Lesson 5 - Year 9 Industrial Revolution - Agrarian Revolution/Industrial Revolution


This lesson has sample slides - they will be random samples of 5 slides in this power point.

—This lesson explains the Agrarian/Industrial revolution. It includes the factors that led to the industrial revolution, the developments in agriculture and textile production, developments in power and transport, with a scaffolded timeline to summarise the above.

The film will be embedded in your USB sent to you.

The workbook is available in the workbook section of the webshop.

  • You Tube clip – Agrarian Revolution
  • Copy the notes from the power point on the reasons for the agrarian revolution
  • Read the information sheet in the workbook called “Factors that led to the Industrial Revolution”  and complete the chronological flow chart that follows the progress on new ideas and inventions
  • Cut and paste pictorial activity – ordering pictures in time frame order of progress during the revolution