Lesson 6 - Year 9 Industrial Revolution - transport


This lesson has some sample slides - they will be the activity slides in this lesson.

There are 23 slides in this lesson.

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This lesson is based on research. The text used is the Oxford Big Ideas Year 9 Text which follows the Australian Curriculum. But any text would be suitable which had the Industrial revolution transport section.

Students are given options of transport methods to choose from and then produce a summary which is presented to the class. The class writes down their summary. A class think/pair/share activity.

Outline of the lesson is as follows. There is no workbook for this lesson but you can go to the resource section to get the 4W's and H worksheet if you dont have one.

  • In-depth mini research – you will find the transport inventions in your text book Big Ideas
  • Select one of the following slides -the steam engine, internal combustion engine, canal, bridges, rail lines, steam ships.
  • Use 4 Ws and H – work in pairs – one presents the other writes dot points on the board – students copy.