Lesson 7 - Year 9 - Industrial revolution - increased population - movement of people


This lesson has sample slides shown - they are random samples of 5 slides in this power point.

This power point has 25 slides.

This lesson explains the reasons for population increase and movement of people, the slave trade, convicts to Australia and migration of the Irish during the potato famine.

There is a workbook that has all the information above and activities in it for this lesson. You will find the workbook in the webshop resources section for purchase. (please note that the workbook will be sent via post.)

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Below in the lesson preview:

  • Worksheet on working conditions and summary
  • Worksheet on electric telegraph linking the world
  • Map activity showing the coal mines throughout Great Britain
  • Activity on the population growth in Britain during the Industrial revolution – graph construction activity
  • Overview of slavery – using sources – questions follow each source
  • Map diagram of the Middle passage with information and questions for students on the map
  • Abolition of slavery – information and questions
  • Mapping activity – student use colour to identify different slave trade routes
  • Word Cloze – slavery – types of work
  • Transportation to Australia – information and questions
  • Irish migrants to USA – information and questions
  • Chart on push pull factors of Irish migrating to USA – activity