Lesson 9 - Year 9 - Industrial Revolution - Working conditions in factories


This lesson has sample slides shown - they will be the first 6 slides of the powerpoint.

There are 22 slides in this powerpoint.

This lesson explains the working conditions during the Industrial Revolution. Students then examine a number of sources from the era and analyse them.

  • North and South Hell – extract from the film – factory conditions (this will be embedded in the USB)
  • Read - Big Ideas page 252-255- Industrial Revolution(the textbook used is the Year 9 Big Ideas text - it is not essential to this lesson another text could be used)
  • Reading and questions in your work book on Conditions in factories and mines (the workbook is available for sale in the webshop)
  • Poor Laws and New poor law information and source work &Q
  • Life in the workhouse and imposition of strict rules
  •  Worst jobs in history - film – with film sheet (will be embedded)
  • Source work on working conditions
  • Research on short term and long term effect of the IR