Lesson 6 - Year 9 World War 1 - Gallipoli


This is Lesson 6 lesson of the topic WW1 therefore only a small sample will be demonstrated. 

There are 34 slides in this power point.

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This lesson is on the battle of Gallipoli. It has a number of actvities for students to complete to have complete knowledge of the seige. 

The film can be purchased at any DVD store and the worksheets can be purchased in the in the webshop resources section.

The activities are as below:

  • Background Worksheet on Gallipoli
  • Series of maps and teacher explains reasons why the attack was necessary
  • Powerpoint on Gallipoli – students take notes
  • Beach sketch of the Gallipoli landing
  • Biographies of Anzacs workbook
  • Source analysis on soldiers stories
  • Map activity
  • Film Gallipoli (available on DVD)
  • Australian perspective activity