Lesson 7 - Year 9 World War 1 - The Western Front


This is the 7th lesson of this topic WW1 therefore only a small sample of the lesson will be demonstrated. 

There are 19 Slides in this power point.

This lesson is about the Western Front - teacher explains the Western Front battle and students complete a number of activities on the Western Front.

The film will be embedded in the power point. The workbook is in the workbook section of the webshop.

  • Power point – with maps for teacher to explain the movement of soldiers on the Western Front
  • Australia and The western Front- word cloze page 14 workbook
  • The Anzac Spirit page 15 workbook
  • Film -Killing Fields - embedded in slide.

Because there is a film this lesson can only be sent by USB.

The workbook can be purchased in the webshop resources section.