Lesson 17 - Criminal and Civil Law and Customary Law in Australia- Year 8 Civics


A small sample is given for this lesson, to see a full lesson look at lesson 1.

There are 16 slides in this lesson.

There is a workbook available for this lesson in the workbook section.

All film is embedded in slide.

This lesson explains Civil and criminal Law and Aboriginal Customary Law. 

Below is an outline of the lesson:

  • Power point – on civil (law of tort explained) and criminal law
  • 60 Second Activity- students write down in 60 seconds as many types of crimes they can think of.
  • Students categorise into serious and less serious crimes.
  • Questions: Why would more serious crimes be heard in higher courts? 
  • Watch the film on civil and criminal law and take notes. Hint: make 2 columns one for civil and one for criminal.
  • Types of Civil disputes – copy table on page 409
  • Read page Big Ideas (optional) 408 and 409 and answer questions 1-4
  • Questions: What did you notice in the differences between criminal and civil laws.