Lesson 7 - Year 7 Geography - Case Study Murray River


A small sample is shown for this lesson on the Murray River.

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The lesson has 14 slides.

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The lesson activities are as follows: 

—1. Read Water in Australia page 62-62 Oxford year 7 Big Ideas text

—2. Students read How is Water Used by People? Answer questions.

—3. Water in the world - Map analysis -Using the world map on page 71Big Ideas text -students decide the wettest and driest places on earth and try to explain. 

-4.Murray River Case study – reading and summary

—5.The Murray-Darling Basin – Oxford Big Ideas word cloze page 50

Reading materials are available in resources. However as the power point is able to be edited you can find the workbook in resources - cover sheet only - this will be sent to you via post if ordered.