Lesson 4 - Year 7 - Remote living - Human Geography


There is a small sample of sides for this lesson. To see a full lesson examine Lesson 1.

There are 22 slides in this lesson.

The content of this lesson is as follows: 

  • Slides from trip on remote Australia
  • Worksheet Urban/rural /workbook
  • Rural centres- advantages/disadvantages
  • Urban/rural remote places
  • Optional activities
  • Big ideas case study of a rural community
  • Urban rural and remote places in workbook
  • Remote Big Ideas page 130-131 (satellite image and photo) Tom Price case study using map, photo and population pyramid. Macquarie Island page 134-135 page 140-141 (this used oblique aerial photo, bar graph and topographical may)
  • Option – cheaper by the dozen at back of workbook – film summary sheet