Lesson 5 - Year 9 Economics - Globalisation


Globalisation has the following power points and information.

There are 39 slides in this lesson. Use the Music Market slide on the the next lesson - lesson 6 - as an excellent story of the globalisation of music.

Lesson 6 It is not in explicit instruction.

Outline of lesson:

  • Globalisation power point
  • Source activity
  • Diagram activity
  • Music and globalisation (lesson 6)
  • End of the road – end of the Australian car industry (film)
  • Economic concepts and terminology Oxford Big Ideas 9 page 362- worksheet 11.1
  • Overseas companies can produce goods more cheaply than Australia. This in turn allows the richer countries in the world to take advantage of this and make a higher profit in the Australian market.

Because this lesson has a film in it, it has to be sent by USB.