Lesson 11 - Year 9 Economics - Innovation in Business


There are a small number of sample slides demonstrated for this lesson - to see a full lesson format see lesson1.

There are 25 slides in this lesson.

The content outline is below:

  • Innovation in business
  • Short Video on Innovation and show what innovation is all about
  • Read - Oxford Big Ideas pages 390-393 
  • Complete Student worksheet -Innovative marketing 
  • Internet Activity –  short 
  • Each year 14,000 Australian shoppers are surveyed to find Australia’s most innovative products. Search the website at the bottom of page 3 in your workbook and see who won in 2017 
  • Australia’s most innovative products
  • http://www.product of the year.com.au/site/years/2016/

Text book note: any textbook can be used for this lesson as the slides can be edited.

There is a film in this lesson so therefore it will have to be sent by USB.

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