Lesson 16 - Year 9 Economics - The Sharemarket


This lesson has a small sample of slides demonstrated - to see a full lesson format view lesson 1.

There are 20 slides in this lesson.


Below is the outline of this lesson:ž

  • Background reading – questions
  • diagram illustration /source work - the greater the risk taken
  • Thinking activity what does it mean?“diversification is a key way to reduce risk. Don’t put your life savings into one investment. There is and old saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” 
  • Playing the share market- Read Oxford big Ideas page 410-411 
  • Video on the share market 
  • Share market game at the back of the package 


Any text can be used for this lesson as the slides can be edited.

There is a workbook for purchase in the webshop under resources.

Because there is a video the lesson will have to be sent via USB and post.