Lesson 21 - Year 9 Economics - Enterprising Skills


A small sample of slides are shown here - view lesson 1 for a full lesson format example.

There are 12 slides in this lesson.

The outline of the lesson is as follows:

  • Enterprising skills in the workplace
  • Oxford Big Ideas page 424-425 Questions: 1,2
  • Student worksheet Are you Enterprising? (page 6 of package)
  • Show students the ABC Australian Story on The Flow Hive; “Going with the flow”
  • This film demonstrates that many entrepreneurs are successful as a result of identifying a problem and thinking of a novel solution.

The lesson will have to be sent by USB because of the film.

Any text can be used as all the slides can be edited.

There is a worksheet available and can be purchased in the resources section of the webshop.