Workbook 5 - Year 9 Economics - work, future of work and rights at work


This workbook covers analyse of the different types of jobs, and examines the data from the Human Rights Commision, it also covers enterprising skills, and understanding dismissal rights.

Worksheets on:

  • What jobs would you like to try?
  • Extract from the Human Rights Commission with table actvity
  • Newsreader activity on the future of work
  • Are you enterprising questions
  • Table to fill with enterprising skills - activity
  • Extract from the Human rights Commission with questions 
  • Data from the Human rights Commission on employment in the future and skill levels
  • Employer expectations worksheet with questions
  • Resolving complaints information sheet with case studies
  • questions fo the resolving complaints sheet
  • Wall story on unfair dismissal and peoples rights
  • Question sheet on knowing your rights
  • worksheet on changes in the workplace