Lesson 4 - Year 9 Geography - Tropical Rainforests


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Below is an outline of this lesson:

  • Power point - rainforest
  • Rainforests of the world – world map Map of regions of rainforest – blank map on page 5 of workbook – Using a dark green pencil colour in the equatorial regions – use the Power point rainforests first slide- also write the location in the summary sheet on page 6 of the workbook.
  • Cross section of tropical rainforest – use the second slide to label the cross section of a rainforest – the cross section outline is on page 5 of the workbook.
  • Using your text page 48-49 Oxford Big Ideas 9 fill the trees page 7 of the workbook any details you discover.
  • Also - continue with the summary sheet on page 6 of the workbook.
  • 4. Film sheet on Jungles – Human planet (available online)- human adaption to the rainforest – answer the questions on page 8 of workbook.
  • 5 mapping Australia’s Rainforests

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