Lesson 13 - Year 9 Geography - Degradation of forests


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The following is an outline of the lesson.

  • Activity: cluster word web on page 14 of your workbook.
  • Activity: Using Oxford Big Ideas 9 page 80 and 81 and the cluster word web on page 14 of your workbook.
  • Summarise the topic forest degradation.
  • Instructions – write changes to forests in the square with topic (in the middle of diagram)
  • Put the following headings in each circle and underline – leave space for writing or if you have big writing extend out of the circle with an arrow and write there.
  • Headings – put at top of circles.
  • Soil degradation
  • Over farming
  • Salinity
  • Terracing
  • Managing salinity
  • Summarise the degradation of forests. 

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