Lesson 5 - Year 10 Economics - Measuring the Economy - GDP, Happy Planet, the Human Development Index.Index and


There is a small sample of 6 slides for this lesson shown here.

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There are 29 slides in this lesson.

The lesson outline is below:

  • Reading Oxford Big Ideas 10 page- 380-381
  • Power point on GDP
  • GDP film
  • Analysing a GDP graph
  • Student worksheet:  The importance of growth
  • Rich and Poor Nations You Tube Clip
  • Happy Planet Power point
  • The Human Development Index power point
  • 3 films – The happiest people in the world – Bhutan and TED talk

The slides are able to be edited, therefore you can use which every text you generally use.

The lesson will be sent by USB because of the large amount of film.