Lesson 10 - Year 10 Geography - Sinks, services, sources and spirituality


To view a full lesson format see lesson 1 Year 10 Geography. There are 5 example slides shown here.

There are 33 slides in this lesson.

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The lesson outline is below:

  • Power point – on sinks, sources 
  • There is also information in the student package on sinks and services pages 15,16,17.
  • Power point on the carbon cycle 
  • U tube clip on how carbon dioxide moves around the atmosphere - NASA_ Keeping Up With Carbon (available online)
  • Using the information from your power point notes and the information on sinks/sources in your workbook (pages 15,16,17 )annotate (label) the tree on page 18 showing how the tree is a sink and a service

Please note if you wish to purchase the workbook it is available in the webshop under resources. All slides can be edited so you could insert your own available resources if you wish.