Lesson 12 - Year 10 Geography - Effects of Climate Change on Biodiversity


There are 30 slides in this lesson.

To see a full lesson format look at lesson 1 - a small sample of 5 slides is shown for this lesson on Loss of Biodiversity.

The following is an outline of the lesson:

  • Power point on definitions- biodiversity
  • Watch the u tube clip on Biodiversity (available online)
  • Gorillas and their habitat – read the information on page 29 and 30 in your workbook on page 31 is a table to complete by writing the causes and what is being done (answers) to answer the questions of how the gorillas are being affected and how they are being helped.
  • Optional Oxford Big Ideas 10 page 62 – Loss of Biodiversity – students read chapter and answer questions

The workbook can be purchased in the webshop under resources.

Your own text book can be used as all slides can be edited (ie put your own text, chapter and page number in on the slide)