Lesson 14 - Year 10 Geography - Effects of climate change on the Saami People


There is 14 slides in this lesson. (3 slide sample is shown here for this lesson).

The following is an outline of this lesson.

  • Types of Pollution – Oxford Big Ideas 10 pages 64-65 read. Answer questions 1,2,3.
  • Activity sheet on types of pollution
  • Watch the film about the Saami people. And fill in the following worksheet which is on page 37 of the workbook.
  • How Climate Change is affecting the Saami people Oxford Big Ideas 10 page 66-67 - Cause of effects

The workbook is available for sale in the webshop under resources.

You can use your own text book if you wish as all slides can be edited.

 The lesson will be sent by USB to enable access to the film on the Saami people.