Lesson 15 - Year 10 Geography - Coastal environments


This lesson on coastal systems covers everything on coast environments. There are diagrams, research and powerpoint notes for students - this is a comprehensive lesson on Coastal aquatic environment. It has everything you would need to teach this topic.

It has 75 slides.

The lesson will be sent by USB because of large file.

The following outline has some of the content:

  • Vocabulary
  • Power point on the following
  • Effects of climate change on coasts
  • Data
  • Reading and questions
  • Coastal acidification
  • Mind map on acidification
  • Research
  • Mitigation of coasts
  • Climate change and coast
  • Coastal squeeze
  • Coral bleaching
  • Film
  • Human actions that have changed coasts
  • Population and coasts
  • Coastal degradation
  • Coastal features – erosion,waves, wind,
  • Biological weathering
  • Mechanical weathering
  • Chemical weathering