Lesson 4 - Year 10 Human Geography- Contrasts in education


There are 15 slides in this lesson. (3 are demonstrated)

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  • In this lesson students create a poster on education and the differences that occur around the world.
  • To enable you to do this you will need to research pages 142-143 in Oxford Big Ideas 10  “Contrasts in Education” (could be done on the internet)
  • power point on contrasts in education and why
  • Some ideas for your poster are at the bottom of page 14 in the workbook.
  • There is a blank world map on page 15 which you could cut out and use for your poster.

The text book used is lesson is the Oxford Big Ideas 10 - however any reference book on the topic would suffice as all slides are able to be edited.

There are also workbooks that go with lesson available in the webshop under resources.