Workbook 1 - Year 10 Geography - Human-induced environmental changes that challenge sustainability


This workbook covers the year 10 Geography Course.

It has the following in its contents:

  • Information sheet and questions on Biosphere 2
  • Think/pair/share activity
  • A scaffold to identify changes on land, atmosphere and water
  • summary sheet on degradation of land
  • diagram to summarise degrading the atmosphere
  • information sheets on climate change with questions
  • Planet Earth - Ice worlds question sheet for DVD
  • Describing wheel scaffold for degrading water
  • sandwhich paragraph chart to write a paragraph on degrading water
  • cause and effect rocket diagrams of mobile phone resources
  • Information sheets on the for S's of econsystem
  • Tree chart to use key words on sinks and sources
  • scaffolded table on sink and source examples
  • Picture diagram for annotation
  • Bass fish outline to record notes on the cod industry
  • cluster word web for main points on overfishing and sustainability
  • information sheets on overfishing
  • fish bone summary sheet for overfishing
  • Information sheet on the cod industry
  • Threats to biodiversity -Gorrillas information sheet
  • scaffolded table on the causes of the destruction of Gorillas and saving the gorilla
  • DVD Gorillas summary sheet 
  • word cloze on gorillas
  • Internet research sheet on extinct species
  • Types of pollution table 
  • identifying types of interferrance by humans
  • Scaffolded cause and effect chart for How Climate Change is affecting the Saami people
  • Information sheets on world views
  • The Kyoto Protocol information sheet with questions
  • Identifying social, economic and environment effects of humans