Workbook - Year 10 Human Geography


This workbook is the only workbook for human geography and covers most of the lessons.

It contains the following:

  • Scaffold page for definition of wellbeing
  • Thinking activitiy on primary and secondard needs of people
  • A word cloze on poverty
  • Information worksheet on wealth, education and health
  • Questions on human wellbeing
  • Fishbone diagram to summarise health, wealth, education
  • Information sheet on economic, social and economic developments
  • Quality of life scaffolded triangle for student activity Hierarchy table
  • Scaffold page for different views on environmental change
  • Y chart scaffold for watching the film on the view on Happiness in Bhutan 
  • Concepts in wealth cluster diagram - with questions
  • Power point dot point scaffold for contrasts in health
  • Millennium Development Gals investigation - research