Lesson 1 - Year 10 History - The Inter-war years


There are 28 slides in this lesson. This is the only lesson that will have every slide as an example for all lessons. Small samples of slides will be shown for following lessons.

This lesson is on the inter-war years (1920's) and covers the Treaty of Versailles. 

The text book referenced in the lesson is Oxford Big Ideas 10. Also, there is a workbook that can go with this lesson if you need it - this can be found in the webshop under the heading of resources - it will be sent by post if ordered.

Any text works with this lesson, but personally I find the Oxford Big Ideas text 10 the best option.

Below is a brief outline of the lesson.

  • Overview document on worksheet in workbook
  • Power-point on the inter-war years- students take notes
  • You tube clip on 1920’s (available online)
  • Read pages 248 Oxford Big Ideas 10 and answer question 1

Please note that any text can be used all all slides can be edited.