Workbook - Year 10 Law and Politics - Key features of Australia's government


This workbook has the following contents:

  1. Think/Pair/share on a statement on democracy
  2. weblink to a video on the history of voting
  3. mind map graphic 
  4. Questions on the role of Government.
  5. Senario activity
  6. Fact sheet on Federal Members of Parliament
  7. Fact sheet on Parliament
  8. Federal parliament worksheet
  9. Y chart - viewing a parliament debate
  10. Constitution monarchy worksheet
  11. Separation of Powers - information sheet- with activities
  12. Ammending the Constitution -information sheet
  13. Federal Parliament information sheet - questions
  14. Scaffold mind map outline
  15. Article on Joko Widodos task of cleaning up the government
  16. VENN diagram for comparison of two country governments
  17. KWL chart 
  18. Flow chart scaffold
  19. Crossword - political institutions
  20. Placemt scaffold -