Lesson 10 - Year 7/8 English - Text type - Ballads - introduction and vocabulary


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There are 24 slides in this lesson.

This is the first lesson on the text type Ballads. It introduces the students to vocabulary needed for the section of work and an introduction to some Australian Bush Ballads.

Below is an outline of the lesson:

  • Vocabulary of a Ballad -MULGA BILL'S BICYCLE by A.B. "Banjo" Paterson
  • Read M MULGA BILL'S BICYCLE by A.B. "Banjo"
  • Write all words and/or phrases that they are unsure of below the poem.
  • Annotation of Ballad
  • Identification of text-type
  • Supported text analysis: Poetic devices and structure
  • Rhyme schemes – stanza’s
  • Pearson English 10 Page 227 – The Man from Snowy River
  • Read and then decide the scheme in letters the poem on the next slide.The Old Bark School – Henry Lawson
  • Old Bark School - analysis
  • rhyme schemes