English - Characterisation


Please note that not all slides are shown for this lesson to see a complete lesson look at the first powerpoint in English.

There are 20 slides in this lesson.

Please note that the text used for resources is National Skills for English Year 7. But any english text could be used on characterisation could be used.

Lesson outline:


Recognise and analyse the ways that characterisation, events and settings are combined in narratives, and discuss the purposes and appeal of different approaches

  • Power point with definitions and meanings of characters
  • On page 19 national skills English 7 is an information page of the structure of a narrative (story).
  • On page 20 national skills english there is a poem activity which explores the structure of a poem and includes the character (the dragon).

Answer the questions about the “storytime” poem page 21 national skills English.Check your answers with the answer sheet provided.

  • This activity will explore the character by using the extract from  “The Man from Snowy river. 1. The first thing your going to do is annotate the text your will need highlighters or you can underline
  • Underline all the words and sentences that are about the “Man from Snowy River (hint: he has no name)