English 7/8 - Creating a character for a story


This lesson has some sample slides, to see a complete lesson look at Lesson 1.

There are 36 slides in this lesson.

This lesson takes students through the process of creating a character for their story.

  • The next three lessons you will develop a character for your story you are going to write.
  • You will be shown how to do this in several steps.
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Deciding on a theme
  • Information on what is theme and some examples
  • Practice activity on theme
  • Where to find ideas, quotes, film, poems, images
  • Information on characterisation
  • Examining an example of a character Frozen
  • Examining examples of writing of characters
  • What is a protagonist
  • Questions and prompts about characters
  • Creating a voice for your character
  • You tube clip of a writer and his way of creating a character
  • Questions to prompt ideas for students for their character