English - Years 7/8 Figerative and descriptive language for writing a story


There are a small sample of slides for this lesson. To see a full lesson view lesson 1.

There are 35 slides in this lesson.


The outline of the lesson is below:

  • Power point and activities on narrative convention of setting (time and place).
  • Explore the difference between examples of figurative and descriptive language.
  • Complete the match up activity in Worksheet Lessons 5–7 – Descriptive or Figurative Language?
  • annotate for figurative and descriptive language examples
  • Read the formative assessment task and marking key; asking any questions if required.
  • Complete a 100 word handwritten description of either their chosen dominant setting or main
  • character that they intend to include in their story.
  • Proofread and edit their work; using the marking key.
  • Complete Worksheet Lessons 5–7 – Peer reflection of description, and edit their work
  • accordingly.
  • Submit this as formative assessment.